José Carlos Andrés

Writer Nubeocho

Teacher by career choice, José Carlos Andrés never managed to practice because theatre entered his life. When he went on stage for the first time, he discovered that making his audience laugh is something as magic as a fairy broom or a witch wand, but it takes you even further. 
His mother, father and sister always called him a clown, and he ended up taking their word for it. One day, he put on a red nose, and he has since worn it to make others laugh and see life with its help. He says that it is much more fun to live the world this way.
He started writing theatre for children. And stories, loads of stories. He is fascinated by writing, because it allows him to create new worlds full of laughter and emotions.
He has published theatre plays for children and families, a theatre guide, storytelling, theatre art and clowning for all ages, stories for picture books…

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