Sleeping Is Not For Me!

When night falls on the savannah, the animals go to sleep. But Littlephant… still wants to play!

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Savannah, animals, sleep, dream, song, night, lullabies.
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It’s night, but Littlephant doesn’t want to go to sleep. His father sings him the song in which the animals are quiet and then fall asleep: the snake, the zebra, the hyena, the ostrich and  the crocodile “Hush now, hush. Hush now, hush”. Daddyphant finally manages to get Littlephant to sleep but then something unexpected happens…

  • Picture Book
  • Years: + 3 years
  • Size: 10 ¼ x 10 ¼
  • Product Form: Hardback
  • Pages: 48
  • ISBN: 978-84-19253-76-7
  • $ 17,99 / 15,90 €

Though it’s bedtime, Littlephant wants to play: to gallop like a zebra and to remain “awake and alert” like a meerkat. Daddyphant never points out that zebras, meerkats, and other creatures sleep at night, but he counters by encouraging Littlephant to follow the example of animals like giraffes (“sleepyheads!” scoffs Littlephant), snakes (“boring!”), or hyenas—a suggestion that backfires as Littlephant begins to laugh loudly.

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In this warm bedtime story, the animals of the African savanna are winding down for sleep—all except one boisterous pink elephant who insists that sleeping is not for him.

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