Ruby the Rambunctious

A hopeful story about the things that make us unique.

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Diversity, equality, fun, disability family.
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Ruby is a little girl with lots of energy! But recenty she has been falling down a lot. When she runs, she falls; when she dances, she falls; when she picks something up, she often drops it. Everyone thinks she’s a bit clumsy!

When Ruby is told she has a disability, her parents start treating her very differently. They never tell her off, even when she behaves badly… She draws on her dad’s favourite painting… nothing, she puts her mum’s tablet in the bath… nothing. Ruby just wants to be treated the same as her two brothers.

  • Picture Book
  • Years: +3 years
  • Size: 9 4/5 x 9 4/5 in
  • Product Form: Hardback
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-84-18599-98-9
  • $ 16,99 / 15,90 €

Andrés’ upbeat text, translated from Spanish, will engage young readers while gently reminding parents that nondisabled and disabled kids alike need rules and boundaries. Serrano’s energetic cartoon illustrations vividly depict Ruby’s mischievous antics and infectious emotions. (…)  Humorously insightful.


The cast’s exaggerated facial expressions amp up the silly factor in the empathetic picture book introducing Ruby, a little girl who’s more than a little clumsy.

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