When the Sun Goes Down

Little animals are in a hurry to get home before the sun goes down. Come and learn about the different types of families in this poetic book before it comes… bedtime!

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Families, diversity, houses, home, sleep, sun, horizon, jungle, home, dreams bed-time.
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At the end of the day, the sun goes down. Happily setting behind hills of the town. But where are all the animals rushing off to? Join Giraffe, Elephant, Parrot and others to see where everyone is going in such a hurry!

A board book written by Alicia Acosta, author and psychologist and beautifully  illustrated by Mar Ferrero shows families in all their wonderful variations, as they return home at the end of the day to go to sleep.

  • Picture Book
  • Years: + 0 years
  • Size: 9 x 6 1/2 in
  • Product Form: Board Book
  • Pages: 20
  • ISBN: 978-84-19607-80-5
  • $ 11,99 / 10,90 €

Reflecting some of the variety in the world makes this a title worthy of recommendation for all libraries

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Along with the lovely soft colors of dusk, the brief rhyming text describes the family and their destination, and it’s like a lullaby. The text is equally lilting in Spanish and in English. The Spanish version has a QR code to take readers to a recording of the author singing the book as a song

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