Pumpkin and Me

A poetic and delicate picture book to help children deal with the pain of losing a pet and celebrate the memories left behind when a loved one dies. Pumpkin and Me will bring comfort to both children and grown-ups.

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Loss, Grief, Friendship, Sadness, Pets, Memories, Hope
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When Pumpkin, my dog, died, everyone at home was sad. The next day, a dark cloud began to follow me around and it felt like I had soap in my eyes and an octopus wrapped tightly around my heart…

Written by the renowned child author and psychologist, Alicia Acosta, Pumpkin and me, explores themes of loss and grief and the power of memories in this uplifting, beautifully illustrated story.

  • Picture Books
  • Years: +4 years
  • Size: 8 3/5 x 10 4/5 in
  • Product Form: Hardback
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-84-17673-92-5
  • $ 16,99 / 14,90 €

Acosta’s straightforward and reassuring text is expertly complemented by Galí’s muted cartoon illustrations.VERDICT An honest and realistic take on death and grief. A valuable addition to any collection.

Starred Review. School Library Journa

Available in English and Spanish, the sketched illustrations and washes of watercolor in Pumpkin and Me follow a young girl as she grieves the loss of a beloved pet. After her dog, Pumpkin, dies, a dark cloud starts following the girl, growing larger every day; she feels as though she has soap in her eyes and an octopus squeezing her chest. In time, however, she discovers that the memories that make her sad have the power to bring her joy again, too.

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Favorite Awards – Children’s Book Council
  • Teachers Favorite Awards 2023 – Children’s Book Council. 

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