Federico and All His Families

A board book to talk about diversity from an early age.

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Diversity, Families, Love, Monoparentality, Homoparentality, Tenderness.
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Roof to roof, Federico the cat visits all his families everyday: Tadeo and his grandparents, Anna and her two Moms; Virginia, with her Mom and Dad, Paula and her two Dads… All of them different, all of them loved by Federico. Unconditionally. This little jewel is perfect to show the smallest of the house that love can be found in any family.

  • Board book
  • Years: +2 years
  • Size: 6.5 x 6.5 in
  • Product Form: Boardbook
  • Pages: 18
  • ISBN: 978-84-17673-56-7
  • $ 9,95 / 10,90 €

By focusing on Federico and his activities, and presenting the families in a simple and matter-of-fact way, the book neatly avoids being preachy. The humorous and expressive illustrations carry as much weight as the text, for it is in the illustrations that readers see the racial composition of the different families, while also inviting readers to reach their own conclusions, for example: Are some single-parent families? Adopted families? The original Spanish text, Federico y sus familias, publishes simultaneously. Sweet and inclusive, perfect for any family. (Board book. 2-4).


This delightful board book celebrates diverse families through the eyes of a cat named Federico. He visits families in his neighborhood, which consist of kids with various skin tones who live in families with two moms, a mom and a dad, single parents, two dads, and grandparents. Federico loves something about each family, and is loved in return. Bright colors and whimsical cartoon style art celebrate the rainbow of diversity. Such a joyful and appealing look at family for the youngest readers.

 Youth Services Book Review

This is such a sweet book to show how all families are different, but how they can all love the same things. Frederico and All His Families is published by Nube Ocho, a published committed to publishing books that promote respectful attitudes towards all types of diversity.

Kid's Lit Life

The full color cartoonish artwork conveys a lot of the diversity but the text comments on some of the families as well. Ideal for Bay Area families, this is a must-have.

 Bayviews- Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California

Chicago Public Library
  • Best Board Books of 2020. – Chicago Public Library.
  • The 30 Best Latinx Children’s Books. 2021 – Parents Magazine.


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