There’s a Cow In My Bed

Kids often make up stories and excuses for not going to sleep. But what if those stories were actually true?

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Sleep, imagination, dreams, fears, family, bed.
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A girl wakes her father up because there is a cow in her bed! Her father accompanies her to the bedroom, but there is no one there. Later the girl insists that now the cow is playing cards with a duck! “What imagination my little girl has!”, smiles the father.

An unexpected ending to this story, apparently about nighttime fears and overflowing imagination.

  • Picture Book
  • Years: + 3 years
  • Size: 9 4/5 x 10 4/5
  • Product Form: Hardback
  • Pages: 36
  • ISBN: 978-84-18599-69-9
  • $ 16,99 / 15,90 €

Told through dialogue, the narrative is a little one-note, though very entertaining, and the expressive illustrations bounce it happily along. Martín’s scribbly illustrations are reminiscent of Greg Pizzoli’s style.

Bovines and bedtime combine for delightful silliness.


As the cow returns to cause further challenges to sleeping, the girl’s approach to problem-solving involves her father in a vivid test of imagination and possibilities.

Midwest Book Review

The cover is a good indication of the illustration style; pictures are bold and goofy, and the animals look just about as surprised as the father and the little girl about having company. Children who make up excuses to avoid putting their head on the pillow will giggle as the girl makes up more and more reasons why SHE can’t go to bed.

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