The Great Poop Contest

After the international success of ‘The World’s Biggest Fart, comes this hilarious animal poop contest.

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Poop, contest, laughter, animals, imagination.
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The horse thinks that his poop is the best in the universe. But the cow thinks that hers is better. The pig, the goat and the duck disagree… Which is the best poop in the universe? The animals decide to organize a poop contest! When the big day arrives, the contestants come from far and wide and  there are poops of all kinds… round, large, flattened and even square! But who will be the winner in the Great Poop Contest?

  • Picture Book
  • Years: + 3 years
  • Size: 11 x 9 ½ in
  • Product Form: Hardback
  • Pages: 48
  • ISBN: 978-84-19607-09-6
  • $ 17,99 / 15,90 €

Laugh-out-loud funny and utterly delightful. (Picture book. 4-8)

 Kirkus Reviews

A great introduction to the grossness of biology, although I’ll be honest, wombats have amazing poop. I read it to a friend over the phone, and she laughed along with me ( we are both in our late 30th,) so kids will LOVE it.


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Let's Talk Picture Books

Kids attracted to tales of bodily functions will find the humorous observations of different animal poops, from quantity to odor and consistency, makes for an inviting and fun story; while adults will appreciate the real-world insights it provides into animal feces

Midwest Book Review-Children's Bookwatch

Animals from all around compete in this hilarious biological gross out. The large flat cartoon animals contribute to the glee of this book in its original language

Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's and Young Adult Literature

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