Olivia Wolf and the Night of the Giant Monsters

Evil creatures create chaos in Monstrocity in the second Olivia Wolf comic book!  Will Olivia and her friends be able to save the city?

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Monsters, friendship, adventures, wolf girl, fun, fantasy, empathy.
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Something strange is happening in Monstrocity. It should have been dawn hours ago, but it’s still night. What is happening? Olivia, the werewolf girl, and her friends face evil creatures of the night to save the city and solve the mystery of the missing day!

  • Comic Book
  • Years: + 7 years
  • Size: 7 x 11 2/5 in
  • Product Form: Soft cover
  • Pages: 84
  • ISBN: 978-84-19253-57-6
  • $ 14,99 / 12,90 €

The final pages of this graphic novel, translated from Spanish, hint at more conflicts to come. Easy-to-follow illustrations are rich with colorful but not too scary monsters. Each page contains one to four panels with minimal text per spread. The narrator’s comments, identified in yellow text boxes, aid story transitions, and though there’s a flashback at one point, it’s clearly indicated. Brief bios of the main characters preface the story—comics newbies will find this an accessible read.

A monstrously good time.

Kirkus Reviews

The illustrations are big and bold, making this the perfect graphic novel for emerging readers. The story is action-packed and though it has “scary” creatures like werewolves and vampires it actually is quite humorous.

YA Books Central

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