No Water No Bread

Two groups separated by a barbed wire fence and how they overcome differences and share with those in need.

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Refugees, Integration, Empathy, Values, Tolerance.
Available in: enESITA
  • Also available in Spanish

    Sin agua y sin pan ISBN 978-84-946333-7-9

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Two groups of people live separated by a barbed wire fence. One group has plenty of water and the other plenty of bread, but they have difficulty sharing their resources with each other. What happens when a third group arrives that has neither?

Created with the support of Amnesty International Spain.

Also available in Spanish as Sin agua y sin pan.

  • Picture book
  • Years: +4 years
  • Size: 7 x 9 4/5 in
  • Product Form: Hardcover
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 978-84-945971-3-8
  • $ 15,95 / 13,90 €

$ 15,95

Vermont Country Sampler

“Even the barbed wire seems springy and looped, not menacing, though the important message is not lost in frivolity. Kids can bring about change, regardless of previous generations’ ideas. This Spanish import was published in Europe in collaboration with Amnesty International, and a portion of its sales will go toward protecting human rights worldwide. Empowering in its simplicity”

Kirkus Reviews

“Amavisca and Guridi make a direct, useful, and powerful point about strangers, sharing resources, and how children often see more clearly than adults”

Publishers Weekly

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