Leire Salaberria

Illustrator Nubeocho

Leire Salaberria was born in Andoain (Spain) in 1983. Currently, she lives and works in San Sebastián. She majored in Fine Arts in Bilbao and studied a postgraduate in Children Illustration in Barcelona. She has participated in different courses with Javier Zabala and Jindra Capek in Italy. Leire has exhibited her work in different countries around the world. Her work has been selected to appear in Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012, IV Ibero-American catalog of illustration 2013, 2014, Sharjah International Book Fair 2013, 2014. In 2014 she won an Honorable mention at the Sharjah International Book Fair. Since 2011 when she published her first book, she’s illustrated several books in Italy, Mexico and Spain.

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