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Olga de Dios 

Picture Book · + 4 Years

ISBN: 978-84-942929-8-9
Spanish ISBN: 978-84-942929-6-5
40 pages
9 1/2 x 8 5/8 inches

SEARCHING is a book created to help children learn to see and appreciate what they have around them instead of searching for what is elsewhere or faraway.
Its illustrations will help children learn to observe. They will also find vocabulary and numbers, while they meet a lot of different characters. 

Do you feel like SEARCHING?

Awards: Olga de Dios has been awarded the Triangle Cultural Award, for contributing to teaching in equality and the Golden Pinwheel Award, Shanghai Book Fair.

Themes: Search & Find, Emotions, Diversity, Surprise, Description, Vocabulary.









Tags: Album IlustradoColección Somos OchoLucy Pepón